DC Cu Liath Jeroboam MC GRC JOR VC

DC Cu Liath Ayr Ghillie SC FCh SGRC SOR ORC VC X CH Cu Liath Ayr Dalhousie GRC 

Born 1 May 2004 

Bred by Lynn Kiaer & Charles Edwards

Beau was the consensus pick of the male pups in his (large!) litter, and he has lived up to his early promise, being the first of his litter to finish his championship.  He has also turned out to be an excellent courser, and very fast: in 2005, he was the number one Deerhound in both LGRA (straight racing) and NOTRA (oval racing).  Continuing in his sire's illustrious pawprints, Beau has taken several group placements, including a Group One.  And, like his grandsire, Tip, Beau is rising to the challenge of being the alpha dog at Cu Liath.  

At various times in the past, whether because of a large litter, or a c-section, there have been times when we have found ourselves massaging newborn pups to get them to eliminate.  We have occasionally presented the pups to experienced brood bitches in the household, but most have not been interested in someone else's puppies.  By chance, we discovered that our alpha dog, Tip, could be depended on to step in when needed.  So, when we had an orphaned pup a couple of years ago, we brought the pup to Tip.  Often other dogs would come to check out the newborn, but it was always Tip who did the dirty work ... until Beau and his brother Jed came along.  It was fascinating to watch Tip supervising those first few days: watching, occasionally sticking his nose in to make some subtle correction.

Alpha dog at Cu Liath is not a dominating role, but rather a nurturing one.  Our dynamic is such that the older bitches, who would normally take on that role, generally have bedroom privileges during the day, so the alpha role in the pack has always been filled by an adult male.

Beau is proving to be an excellent stud dog!  His first litter, four pups out of Kibby, includes two finished champions, with the other two pups placed in pet homes.  His second litter, nine pups out of Bronwyn, includes DC Cu Liath Rhionnach SC FCh, who is in the running to be the top coursing Deerhound of 2011 in both AKC and ASFA, as well as FC Cu Liath Ravenna SC (Saoirse), who is burning up the coursing fields down in Virginia.  The two girls competed one weekend this fall, and split the honors, with Rhionnach taking the honors on Saturday and Saoirse on Sunday.  His third litter, six pups out of Memsie, includes two boys with majors out of the puppy class, Marylynne Kitson's Blade (Cu Liath Swordsman) and Nodie Williams' Skeen (Cu Liath Sgian Dhu at Frayed Knot).